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True North Quartz – exclusively Cambria.

True North Quartz is proud to deal exclusively in Cambria quartz. We’ve scoured the market for the best in countertops and have landed on Cambria. We believe Cambria offers the best countertop solution and is simply unrivalled by any others.

We love that Cambria is:

  • versatile.  Untouchable in selection, Cambria is an industry leader with 100 different design palettes for your countertop or other design inspiration.  Moreover, Cambria is a leader in colour innovation, evolving with contemporary trends while also paying homage to the classics.  Best of all, no matter what design you choose you can take comfort in knowing that only one price applies.
  • low maintenance.  Made with natural quartz, Cambria countertops do not require sealing, polishing or reconditioning.  with Cambria quartz, long gone are the high maintenance days of granite or marble (just ask any of your friends toiling away with something other than quartz).
  • tough stuff.   Made from natural quartz, Cambria countertops are almost twice as strong as granite.  On industry standard hardness tests, the hardness of quartz mineral rests just behind topaz,  rubies, sapphire and diamonds and ahead of the likes of steel, iron and titanium.
  • installed by pros.   Any tradesman may be able to install a slab of granite or quartz countertop, but your Cambria quartz will be installed by one our manufactured-certified partners. Unlike other brands, Cambria’s installers are a select few.
  • backed by promise. Cambria is the only quartz backed by a life time warranty;
  • healthy & certified.   Cambria countertop surfaces are non-porous and non-absorbent. Cambria quartz keeps moisture and food out, thereby keeping the risk of bacterial contamination at bay. Cambria is both kosher and NSF 51 certified.
  • green.  Cambria has a lower carbon footprint vis-a-vis other quartz products.  Most others which are predominantly produced in the Middle East, Asia and Europe require greater transportation and carbon resources en route to the North American market. Cambria also recycles and recovers 100% of the water used in processing.  Cambria is Greenguard certified both as a low emitting product for indoor air quality and for children & school environments.